Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Maker" examples - Drawings

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India ink on white paper. Evel Wheelie


India ink on white paper. Kawasaki Z-1

India ink on white paper. Stuka Ju-87 Dive Bomber.

"Makers" examples - The Buell

No repair / restore pics of in progress work, but I basically cleaned it up, straightened it out and made it run right. Sold it in January for almost a grand more than I paid for it. Fixed, repaired, replaced:
  • New Corbin seat
  • New stock handlebars
  • New brake pads front and rear.
  • Replaced / polished badly oxidized parts. Used new stainless steel where ever I could.
  • New rear fender / belt drive guard.
  • Removed all the faux leather "bras", there was even one on the oil cooler (???).
  • Polished the wheels and most of the aluminum.
  • Tuned it to run right with the "race" engine management chip.
  • Turned the suspension for the fancy adjustable mono-shock.
  • New battery. Cleaned a bunch of electrical leads.

"Maker" examples - Car restoration

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Hood alignment completed, headlight doors fixed (now they close), hood paint cleaned and buffed.

Wheel cleanup. Front is done, compare to rear wheel.

Speedometer, tachometer, clock, oil pressure, charging system, fuel gauge and radio fixed. Engine coolant temp guage is OK but the temp sensor is broken.

This is by no means a comprehensive post about what I've fixed / rebuilt Off the top of my head other stuff:
  • Tail light wiring.
  • Horn button.
  • Alarm system.
  • Replaced the steering gear.
  • Instrument panel, wiring, lights.
  • Engine wiring.
  • Rear brake pads.
  • Made the engine comply with California smog rules, required a new intake manifold and a bunch of tuning tweeks.
  • Glove box latch and lock.
  • Rerouted the exhaust pipes so they don't bump the frame.
  • Light brakes hydraulic line repairs.
  • Tightening every last nut, bolt and screw.
  • Passenger door mirror was very loose and repairing it required the window to be removed.
  • Headlight alignment.
  • Parking break.

"Maker" examples - Long clock restoration project

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In this project I'm trying to restore my Grandfather's Grandfather clock. Parts I've had to repair, modify or make are outlined in light blue.

"Maker" examples - TV unit

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This is simple looking and fairly old entertainment console I put together by bolting the floor console TV set to that lower stand. Cable holes cut in the back cover and drawer back allow "clean" cable runs. The picture doesn't show it too clearly but there is an eye bolt on top I installed to secure the whole unit from earthquakes or other calamity.

Both the DirecTV box and DVD player's outputs go through an automatic selector box just visible on the silver DVD player. Which ever unit is on, it's signal then goes to the TV. There used to be a VCR installed here also.

I also installed the DirecTV system myself.

"Maker" examples - Surveillance System

Surveillance System - Camera controller, TV set and VCR.

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The camera controller I adapted to work with the cameras I wanted, not the cheap cameras that were supposed to be bought with it. The TV was surplus from some previous project, the VCR I got off of Craigslist for $10.00. The whole system cost less than $400. It has three color cameras with motion detectors, records sound, has night vision and a PA system through each camera.


There are two cameras mounted above the garage door at the top of that half circle vent.


Protective box I built after cameras vandalized and cables were cut. I also mounted the next box and cameras way above "reach" height at about 9 feet.

This camera used to be outside in the eaves looking back at my front door. After it was vandalized and torn down I mounted it inside the security screen door. 


I drilled a hole in the heavy steel screen just big enough for the camera lens and mounted it with restraining wire. That cable routes through the house  via the cold air intake for the furnace, through the cold air side of the furnance and out to the camera controller in the garage.


 That camera is nearly invisible.


The flash makes it look more visible because the paint around the hole is still new. People have stood at the door and not noticed it.

This project is still in progress as the infrared light sources in the cameras are too weak for adequate night time illumination. I may have to build those as what is on the market that I am aware of is generally pretty expensive.